Hash Tag Death!


I’m new to Twitter but I am eager to learn so I’ve been doing some research on how to properly use Twitter. Actually, the basic idea behind my research was to get to know of all the functions of Twitter.

Anyways, I came across a rather weird post while looking up the usability of hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Here is the post that left me a little confused and yet amazed at the amount of effort this guy put into thinking of this Facebook status.

If #YOU had to #change in order to #succeed with #YOUR#social media efforts – could you?

If you answered YES to this question….congrats! If you answered NO – HOW CAN I #HELP YOU? Change, despite being necessary at times, is not easy!

There are so many levels on which this post is wrong.

Firstly, there is the misuse of the caps lock option or maybe this guy’s keyboard wasn’t working properly. I don’t know. We don’t know his side of the story. If that is the case I’m sure his space bar is also not working. If only he wrote his statuses first on MS Word, he would’ve known how many errors his grammar alone has.

Then we move onto the hashtags. People ‘normally’, or let me say ‘normal’ people use hashtags to put emphasis on some special words or to let the readers know what the post, status or whatever you are writing is about but this guy… Wow! This guy has randomly put in hashtags in the middle of the status or maybe… maybe he was talking about everyone since he’s written #YOU and #YOUR. Then he is also talking about all the #HELP that he is not getting while putting up statuses.

The point of this post is just to tell people that everything should be done keeping in mind that everything should be done to a certain limit. A post like the above post does not only confuse the reader but it also takes the focus off what you’re really trying to say. Don’t overuse the hashtag option.

If any of you have any other such examples do share with me. I love a good laugh. ;)

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